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There were other western writers I enjoyed such as Jonas Ward who may have written under other names and the greatest of them all, Elmore Leonard. I don't consider McMurtry or Cormac to be western genre writers. They write novels that take place in a geographic place that is southwestern USA but the violate the genre in too many ways. This series is too artificial. Almost like those made for TV movies with Tom Selleck. But hey! I am reading the second installment and I knew what I was getting in to.

I don't read books just because I have them. If it was all that awful I would read something else. I don't like violence and killing and don't particularly like to read about it either. That said, this was a good book with a fast pace that keep me turning the pages instead of putting the book down. Loved the heroes and the manner in which the author wrote about them made me want to get to know more about them that oftentimes does NOT happen. Bird is an incredibly wonderful character who I wish the author had expanded on a little more.

I think it will be interesting to see what happens between Bird and Frannie in the next book. Love a good western themed story Dan Ames' books never disappoint. They are fast paced, have some humor and seem plausible. The characters of Tower and Bird relationship is one of mutual respect, even though they are very different in personalities. This is a good old fashion murder mystery without unnecessary love scenes. The only disappointing thing about the story is the question of Bird's health. Maybe that will be addressed in the next circuit rider book.

Will she quit drinking to save her o Love a good western themed story Dan Ames' books never disappoint. Will she quit drinking to save her own life or will her sister take her place. Hope I didn't give away the story. Dec 27, Mike rated it really liked it Shelves: first-read. An easy read. A high school student would enjoy this.

I timed myself, the chapters fly by in less than 2 minutes each. It's a good story, but lacks depth, description and the development of subplots. A drunk woman sidekick to a preacher with a past investigate a murder of a old west preacher.

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Devious under world activities twist together to draw the reader to the mildly surprising end. It's on the opposite end of the western literary spectrum from Zane Grey who over-describes scenes. I got the b An easy read. I got the book from Goodreads to test it out and it was worth my time. Another in the continuing hopefully adventures of Bird Hitchcock and Mike Tower. This time investigating the death of a fellow preacher, they come up against hidden enemies and both face death in grisly fashion.

Well written by Dani Amore. I recommend this book highly for both western fans and Dani Amore fans. Last sentence surprised me The book being a sequel to "The Circuit Rider" continues with it twists and turns. Not as good in my opinion but still ok. The shock was the last sentence in the book which totally caught me off guard.

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The is no other book to elaborate Bird's sisters remark. Well Written Western A good yarn. Made me want to read the first book in this series to help fill in the backstories. A few holes here and there and with a large cast of characters better development would have been helpful. But it moves quickly and there is a lot of action.

Killer's Draw

Rapport between the main characters is very good. If you like westerns you will enjoy this book. Dec 29, Deven Dougherty rated it liked it. This was a good read.

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I wasn't expecting it to be enjoyable and thought the subject matter would be quite tame. Instead the story was powerful enough to make a clean kill. It's an easy book, even though I'm sure it's meant to be a sequel to a book that I haven't read. It makes you care about its characters. Fast paced with plenty of characters that you have to carefully keep track off. Getting worried for Bird's alcoholism that's beginning to show its negative effects.

With the federal government weak, as Andrew Jackson had willed it, at least by European standards, and no state religion to clarify doctrines of morality and conduct, the trans-Appalachian West lay in a ferment of new ideas and institutions. Revivalist, evangelical Protestantism overshadowed the Anglican and Congregational traditions of the East Coast within a generation of the opening of the Erie Canal.

New denominational energies, such as those of the Methodists, Baptists, and even entirely new churches—the Shakers, Disciples of Christ, Millerites—flourished, but none rose and spread so quickly as Methodism, which had outpaced all other American denominations by Joseph lent his considerable energies to an inspired Methodist strategy to bring the Word to this huge moving frontier.

He and some 4, other circuit-riding preachers set out to reach remote settlements on horseback and foot. Often not even ordained, yet licensed to preach, many circuit riders came from among the ranks of artisans and shopkeepers who could support themselves and their families without depending on meager central church stipends. Better to wear out than to rust out, as the Founder liked to say. For a generation or more, the cultural cohesion of trans-Appalachia was largely shaped and energized by the dedicated flock of exhausted, saddle-sore men pushing their horses from settlement to settlement.

The circuit rider depended on families to shelter and feed him.

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  7. In return, he passed on news of his earlier stops—of who had died and who had been born, the by no means infrequent roster of appalling accidents or outbreaks of disease that haunted the frontier—sold the books he carried with him, both religious and secular, and handed out dated newspapers. The task routinely included passing on information not just about the next town, but about the rather ill-defined world at large, and how to live better in their own.

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    Ordained or not, he might perform a marriage, funeral, or baptism. At midday, wherever he was, he would set up at a crossroads, perhaps, in front of a homestead, or quite frequently, in a mere field or barn—and set to preaching. Wear no slouched hat.


    The riders offered the men, women, and children of this New World the intoxicating chance to wipe away their sins right there and then on that patch of meadow, dusty road, or porch front—but only if they repented and took Jesus Christ as their personal savior. For a young republic of immigrants on the move, Joseph and his circuit-riding brethren brought nourishment that no bread or riches could provide, the chance to unload sins and embrace the opportunities of living a God-fearing, productive life in a land full of uncertainties.

    For Wes, the message rang clear that through self-discipline and constant industry, human beings could overcome evil and the challenges of a new land. Created by Grove Atlantic and Electric Literature. Ames is always working hard to find ways to flesh his characters out, to make them feel real and engaging without causing his story to lag. It is the sort of balancing act that he never stops working at.

    Even though he is best known for his novels, the author has been known to experiment with screenplays.

    Killer's Draw

    He normally writes them in between novels. The change of pace acts as a palette cleanser for him. Dan Ames is very open. He frequently engages with his fans on social media and via email.

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    He says that he answers every single email from a fan that he gets. Pauling met Jack Reacher on a previous case. The woman on the other end of the line has a missing husband. But she has no idea who Pauling is. She claims that she did not contact her. When the men who took her husband turn their attention on the woman, Pauling leaps into action. She was hesitant to accept the request of a billionaire to be flown to at a remote island owned by the military.

    But then she learned that the billionaire had invited her only because Jack Reacher requested her assistance. Stunned by the revelation, Pauling jumps on the first plane to the hideaway, anxious to join forces with Jack Reacher. If you see one missing just send me an e-mail below.